Because of the lack of technology advancement in the healthcare industry, and the difficulty of encouraging technology adoption amongst a distributed and mobile workforce, Salesforce had targeted healthcare as their next $10B industry growth opportunity. While other industries had embraced the Salesforce model of customizing applications on top of their robust platform, healthcare leaders were much more used to packaged point solutions rather than flexible platforms.  In order to capture share in the healthcare industry, Salesforce had to develop a robust Health Cloud to help healthcare clients understand, and actually purchase, a more comprehensive platform plus applications. To tackle such a huge development effort, the Salesforce healthcare division needed to really understand the expectations and needs of different types of healthcare providers and customers to help define their product. 


We developed a product strategy and definition for the initial product that grew into Health Cloud through a series of research and envision workshops with internal stakeholders across sales, marketing, and development, as well as external healthcare customers and target customers. Through this process, we learned how a range of software systems were being used, what was working and not working, and where we could take advantage of key needs for improvement to showcase the value of the Salesforce platform. Through an iterative approach to product strategy and definition that worked in sync with the agile development timeline, we were able to create a robust product that combined the best of Salesforce capabilities with real healthcare customer needs.   



Industry needs assessment
Product strategy
Product positioning
Product UX exploration and iteration
Product development partnership