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Diagnostic tools to prioritize marketing and engagement efforts


Brand pulse


In today’s rapidly evolving marketplace, knowing how you and your competitors are perceived — right now — has never been more important.

Our Brand Pulse converts real-time qualitative and quantitative brand data into actionable intelligence and identifies opportunities for immediate impact. This strategic overlay leads to insights that allow you to prioritize how to move the needle and impact your business.


Sales win/loss index


Understanding the real reasons behind winning or losing a sale can have a dramatic impact on sales effectiveness.

Based on the unique needs and goals of our client, we interview buyer decision-makers and influencers to uncover critical themes and factors that drive the buy/not buy decision.


Customer experience diagnostic


Companies need to know how their customer experience compares to others and where they can turn it into a strategic lever of advantage.

Our Customer Experience Diagnostic maps the current state of the experience customers have with an organization and analyzes opportunities for immediate and long-term improvement.


Employee NPS+


Attracting, training and retaining top talent that will is critical to every organization’s success.

Our Employee NPS+ helps assess employee satisfaction and takes the further step of identifying the “whys” behind key feedback dimensions, all leading to more informed, effective decisions about how to address any issues or build upon existing momentum.