focus financial PARTNERS: Creating a unified voice for a family of financial advisors


Though it was one of the top three independent advisory firms nationally, Focus did not have broad-based brand awareness and needed a unifying brand “umbrella” to communicate its values to the marketplace. The brand’s story, look, and feel had a big mandate: they needed to be embraced by all partner firms, infuse the organization with new energy and enthusiasm, appeal to high net worth clients, and differentiate Focus within the financial services landscape. 


We carried out research with key internal and external stakeholders to identify meaningful brand equities. We then crafted a compelling brand story built around the Focus firms’ highly respected, dedicated individual advisors. We developed a new identity worthy of a leading firm and helped bring the brand to life by outlining overall rules for the experience that Focus delivers to clients, codifying them in a firm-wide Focus "Bill of Trust.”


Customer research
Competitive benchmarking
Brand positioning
Brand story
Logo and visual system design
Customer experience
Collateral development

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