Google provides advertising partners with the opportunity to improve their marketing planning by taking their brand through an intense, in-person boot camp designed to improve both brand and business results. This program is called Brand Lab, and there are Brand Labs offered in 5 locations globally with teams that include facilitators, product specialists, strategists, and more. While the satisfaction for Brand Lab is extremely high, often brands are unable to really execute on the plans they develop. Brand Lab wanted to dig into the process they used to understand a brand's needs prior to their attendance, and to update their briefing process to yield even better results.  


Similar to other projects, we used insights from brands and from internal stakeholders to understand the parts of the process that were working well and needed to be improved. We used this as the foundation of a recommended change in the strategic approach to how Brand Labs were to be prepared and how the cross-functional team worked together so that we could improve a brand's experience at Brand Lab and improve the likelihood that they would implement key changes after their attendance.  


Competitive program assessment
Internal insights
Process improvement
In-person training