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Debunking myths about consumer shopping habits



Competitive and customer insights

Customer segmentation 



Digital has greatly influenced the shopper’s purchase journey by providing access to new sources of product information and new ways to buy online, but there were a number of assumptions that needed to be tested related how brick and mortar and digital channels can actually complement one another. 




Through digital sprints and shopper safaris, we dug deeper into how people shop to understand how their habits have changed given the rise and pervasiveness of digital shopping. This involved unpacking the entire journey from inspiration through to purchase. We also gained a clearer understanding of patterns related to when, how and why consumers shop online versus in-store, dissecting the specific habits of “Purposeful Shoppers” who make valuable purchase decisions prior to visiting a store and have higher expectations for the digital shopping experience. 




We developed insights for key shopper profiles related to perspectives on buying, value of time, and deal-hunting that shaped the story Google could tell to its advertisers in connecting digital and in-store shopping and purchasing. 

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