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Giving product naming a makeover



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Naming and nomenclature



Avon is a leading global beauty company with $6 billion in annual revenue. Avon markets directly to women in more than 100 countries through over 6 million active independent Avon Sales Representatives. Despite its strong image as a beauty brand, the complexity and inconsistencies in Avon’s product nomenclature and naming practices were making sales difficult. Avon was looking for new product names that would address this challenge while also infusing the brand with more vibrancy. 




With the planned launch of a new product set to redefine its hair care line, we generated a new set of more connotative names inspired by and reinforcing broader core brand themes such as beauty, ambition, aspiration, and women’s empowerment. The simple, conversational tone of the new names also brought greater clarity to product naming. 




We armed Avon with a naming structure that was easier for its sales force to grasp and present to potential customers in a way that was clear and consistent.

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