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Developing a playbook for future sales growth



Competitive and customer insights

Playbook development



EA’s Global Brand Partnership (“GBP”) team had done a great deal of work defining its long-term strategy and roadmap. It was now time to communicate how “the new GBP” is a thought leader in brand-enabled player experiences through content partnerships. 




To jumpstart the new positioning and approach, we needed to make sure EA’s internal partners understood the strategy, and could apply it to their short- and medium-term decisions and plans. 

After developing a “101” on digital marketing and how that plays into EA’s unique value proposition, we briefed internal partners on the strategy during a set of internal “roadshow” workshops. 

We then developed a playbook for implementation, meant to capture our thinking and provide a set of guidelines for action: 

Why we believe this is the right direction

What we need to do as an overall team and in our individual teams to implement this strategy

How we can create the right experience internally and with partners




The playbook gave EA’s GBP team a clearly articulated set of principles to shape both how they thought about their overarching value – provides partners with deep engagement, rather than reach – and how they spoke to their three strategic priorities of content, inventory, and technology. 

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