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Retooling a security vehicle product architecture



Competitive and customer insights

Brand architecture

Naming and nomenclature

Logo and visual system design



Textron Marine & Land Systems had developed a family of armored vehicles that included three products: a basic vehicle, a mid-tier vehicle, and a high-end vehicle. Textron had decided that the line would carry a legacy name – Commando. It was imperative, however, that the brand and vehicles be perceived as possessing cutting-edge strength and technology. From a visual perspective, the industry was steeped in very cliché visual and verbal language. There was a clear opportunity to step out of the norm.   




We explored several paths for creating product line tiers, from basic alphanumeric and descriptive terms to more connotative "family" names, and helped the team understand the relative merits of each potential approach. We then developed a number of identity and lock-up alternatives for the team's consideration, introducing a visual language that was modern yet still suitable for a security vehicle.  




Textron was able to expand its legacy platform in a way that reflected its commitment to customizing vehicles in a way that would meet the unique mission requirements of its customers.

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