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How psychographic personas increase sales effectiveness

Business purchasers’ expectations are increasingly heightened, mirroring what they experience as consumers. One tactic to help organizations adapt marketing and sales to this new reality is creating personas that focus more on concerns, rather than titles. This mirrors the shift we’ve already experienced in customer targeting, from demographics to psychographics. 

For many businesses, using personas hinges on fundamentally rethinking the role of the sales person. Going forward, sales people will increasingly need to negotiate solutions. They’ll also need to educate and consult with customers. Therefore, more emphasis needs to be on connecting the dots between products and services and across divisions or categories. The objective should really be to make customers feel smarter about the decisions they’re making, and that they help customers achieve greater success. This will establish a long-term relationship that is mutually beneficial. 

For many businesses, using personas hinges on fundamentally rethinking the role of the sales person.

To give an example, a communications and technology service-provider had a Hosted Solutions division that competed based on its brainpower and consultative nature. Their approach truly stood out in a crowded field – but the most impact came from bringing their story to life for the salesforce, which had recently quadrupled in size. The sales team needed to know more about their customers and prospects than just demographics and title. So, detailed user personas were created for five distinct audience mindsets.

The goal was to equip each sales person for almost any conversation—from prospects looking for a true partnership to cost-driven customers who weren’t technological experts. For each persona, the company was able to demonstrate why they were the right partner to meet their needs. These personas gave the sales force confidence to project the brand in moments that really mattered – all in the name of driving business and deepening partnerships.

In working with our clients, we’ve seen first-hand how targeting purchasers’ mindsets can lead to a more tailored and effective sales story. Let’s talk about how developing psychographic personas can help you grow your business.  

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