PEDDIE SCHOOL: Honing strategy for an outside-the-box prep school


Peddie is a boarding school that provides a rigorous education within a culture that is considered to be particularly unpretentious, supportive, and friendly. As a result of both a substantial endowment gift and outstanding leadership, the quality of the school's education, resources and student experience had risen dramatically over the last two decades. Its reputation in the marketplace, however, lagged its real strength. 


We conducted primary research with the industry’s gatekeepers to better understand market dynamics, perceived interest of parents/students in boarding school, methodology for "matching" students to prep schools, characteristics of schools in the typical consideration set, awareness/perceptions of Peddie, and competitive white space/market voids. We then recommended a number of initiatives that would help the school effectively articulate its unique strengths to various audiences, differentiate its brand within its competitive marketplace, and ultimately attract more high-caliber students.  


Market trend analysis
Market opportunity assessment
Segment analysis
Communications recommendation