THE BOON GROUP: Connecting the dots for a benefit solutions provideR 


Over the course of more than 30 years, The Boon Group had built a successful business focused on providing a broad range of affordable employee benefit solutions to meet the unique needs of government contractors. While The Boon Group was putting many of the necessary pieces in place to become a true market leader, the company had an outdated identity and Web presence that no longer supported its needs. The messaging commonly touted by its competitors centered around expertise, compliance, and trust. The Boon Group needed to find a unique take on these familiar themes in order to anchor its brand positioning going forward.  


We worked with the organization to define a new brand positioning that centered around a single idea: “Any issue, any time,” a phrase which highlights the organization’s ability to rapidly and effectively address all of its clients’ fringe benefits compliance challenges. We then translated this concept into a new identity, brochure, and Website design, and streamlined and refreshed all content.  


Competitive benchmarking
Brand strategy
Logo and visual identity design
Web design
Marketing collateral design